Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh great! Another weight loss blog.” Well, yes, this is another weight loss blog, but this is my journey. So, it’s unique to me.

So, let me share my story with you.

I wasn’t always over weight. I was a very thin kid growing up and all the way till my twenties. I never worked out, in fact I can’t remember ever really working out when I was younger other than when I played sports. I ate whatever I wanted and never cared what food I put in my mouth. I never even stepped on scales.

Fast forward to 2003. I was in the army and running and working out were part of our every day life. Some days we would run up to 5 miles. Sit ups, push ups. Even though I worked out everyday, I still wasn’t watching what I ate. Even if did put on a little weight, I never really worried because it was only a little. By little I mean like 5 pounds. In 2003, I gave birth to my first son. During the pregnancy I went from 120 to 160 pounds. Of course, I talked myself into thinking it was all just baby weight. So again, I didn’t worry.

I carried this “baby weight” until 2005, which is the first time I tried to lose weight. I decided to try a new fad, “The South Beach diet.” I was very successful with this diet and lost 40 pounds and got back to my pre-baby weight. I was so happy, especially because I did it by eating healthy. After almost a year, I started cheating more with my eating and I had gained all the weight back.

In 2008, I decided to try to lose weight again. This time, I tried “Advocare.” This new diet required me to take a bunch of pills everyday that were to help me suppress my appetite. I didn’t notice any changes at first. Within a few months, I noticed I wasn’t eating as much as before. I would get full faster and I was working out. I still wasn’t eating the best stuff, but I figured smaller portions right? So, again, I lost 40 pounds and got down to 120 again.

After I lost all the weight the second time, I got lazy again with food and ate whatever. I wasn’t working out either. I had put on a few pounds by 2009, but not much that I would worry. I probably went from 120 to 135. No biggie. Then in 2010, I got pregnant with my daughter. In the first few months of the pregnancy I wasn’t gaining too much weight. So, I figured this time wouldn’t be like the last. But, I gained all the baby weight in the last trimester. After I gave birth to my daughter, I couldn’t wait to start to lose the weight, but I got another surprise. I found out 7 months after giving birth to my daughter, I was pregnant with my youngest son. Yup. Back to back babies. They are 14 months apart.

I didn’t even get to lose my baby weight from my daughter. So from 170 at the end of my daughters birth, I was weighing in at my biggest weight ever. 190 pounds. I pretty much weighed more than my husband.

Since then, my weight’s been on like a yo-yo. In 2012, I did insanity, and it was incredibly hard and exhausting. But, I did enjoy seeing the weight shed off like crazy. Then guess what happened? Yup, I gained it all back. Do you see a trend here?

In  early 2014,  I tried “Herbalife” which I really liked and worked well, but I was in school and I stopped doing it because well…I got lazy.  I did lose weight from herbalife and  I am now 169 pounds. I know to some that may not be a lot. But to them I say, I am 5’3″ tall. If you look up the average weight for someone my height on livestrong’s website, I should be weighing 135 because I consider myself a medium frame.

Well, here I am again. This is the fourth time I will attempt to lose the weight. I am only 33 years old, which is still pretty young. But I feel like I am in my late 40’s.  I am always out of breath, my feet hurt from standing up too long, my skin is awful and breaking out. I’ve gotten a physical done and my doctor tells me my cholesterol is high and if I don’t do something, he will put me on cholesterol meds. I’M 33!!! I shouldn’t be worrying about this stuff. I should be enjoying my kids, running around outside, shopping for cute clothes(age appropriate of course lol)and I should be able to wear HEELS again! I can’t even wear heels anymore!

Something has to give…and it’s gonna be my waist-line. I want to write this blog as an “accountability partner” I want to share my journey. My real journey. The days where, like today, I wanted to stop at Chick-Fil-A for dinner and grab a #1 with tons of BBQ sauce.  I mostly want to share because I know there are other people out there in my same boat, and I want us all to get healthy. We owe it to ourselves.



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. First of all, thank you for sharing your struggles. We all need to voice them out but who will hear us. I want you to know that this is my story as well. Yo-yo dieting, I am tired of it. We work hard then we gain it back in a weekend, seems like it. We can do it. One step at a time and I do not like to call it a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Cheering with you friend.


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